We sleep overnight and wake up in the morning to reassess our situation. Janna, Cletus, and me decide to scout around the fence to see if we can find somewhere to get in. We find an old cave mine shaft that seems to go back behind the fence. We radio the rest of the group and have them come to meet us and head into the mine shaft to see if we can come up somewhere safer inside the fence.

Once inside there’s a shallow stream that leads back to a deeper pool that looks t’have some zombies wondering ‘round in the bottom. There’s a hole in the ceiling of the room that opens to the outside. We manage to make our way up to the surface and are able to see a ley line in the distance.

The jungle is dense and travel is slow. The old man is being carried by Bill (Red Rain) and suddenly starts screamin’ about somethin’s got him. Turnin’ around we see some sort of vine wrapin’ itself around his leg. The sounds of the tussle bring some of those big, weird dog things after us. Cletus starts wrestlin’ one, I don’t know what it is with him and wrestlin’ the wild life. In an unusual change of events, Bill, Red Rain, whatever he’s going by actually didn’t fight anything. Not sure what’s goin’ on with him. Anyway, fortunately for once, no one got hurt really and we were able to dispatch all these strange creatures.

‘Bout the time the fight’s finishin’ some old man named Matthew Jenkins, comes amblin’ outta the forest offerin’ to lead us somewhere safer. Says we’ve been makin’ too much noise. Turns out he’s some sort of religious fanatic, has crosses plastered all over his house. He does have a pretty neat house – TREE HOUSE!

Some of the guys started hagglin’ with the old man for some materials, but Cletus started getting frustrated with him and ended up shooting a hole in his floor. The old man started tellin’ him not to do that and it’ll draw some of the zombies. He starts insisting that Cletus leaves the house and goes back down to ground level. When he opens up the hatch there’s a few zombies roamin’ around the base of the tree.

Finally after some more hagglin’ and debatin’ they agree on some trades and get the old man to let Cletus stay up in one of his buildin’s. We end up spendin’ the night here after getting’ some information about the area. We decide that we’re gonna be headin’ towards the mountain on the map. He tells us there’s some sort of blob bein’ that creates these vampires is holed up there and we think that’s where we’d be likely to find Earl.

We all started hunkerin’ down for the night when the old man pointed out the vampires watching us from just beyond the light. They weren’t coming any closer but they were definitely out there. It’s a good thing we decided to wait till mornin’, this is gonna be tough.

To be continued…


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